A CBR theory exam contains 65 questions :

  1. Hazard perception 25 questions (must have 13 correct answers)
  2. Traffic knowledge 12 questions (must have 10 correct answers)
  3. Traffic insight 28 questions (must have 25 correct answers)

Before you can take practical exam, you should take the theory exam at the CBR. This is allowed from age of 16. There are a few ways to prepare yourself for the theory exam. You can learn the theory by using a book, an online theory package or take a course. Then take practice exam to see how much you have learned. As an Expat in Eindhoven is good to know that it is possible to take the theory test in English. A theory test in English costs € 40,00.

3D Theory course Driving licence B (car)

This package which costs € 34,95 and contains a theory course in the English language (video’s are sproken in Dutch with English subtitles, Mute the Dutch explanation if you want it), including 5 CBR based exams, each containing 65 questions.

Duration of the course, once activated, is 4 months. During these 4 months you will have unlimited access to the theory course and the 5 CBR based exams.


Learn and practise Theory for B in English

Book a CBR Theory-exam