Trial lesson

During the trial lesson, which is completely free of obligation, you will meet your driving instructor and you get answers to your questions. The trial lesson lasts 60 minutes. At the end of the trial lesson, after the instructor gets an impression of your traffic knowledge, driving skills, attitude and learning ability and can give an estimation of the total costs.

Dutch driving licence

Get your driver’s license at your own pace.

From the age of 16.5 you can start with driving lessons and from the age of 17 it is possible to take the practical exam. If you passed the practical exam during the age of 17, someone may accompany you while driving until you turn 18 ( 2todrive ).

RIS driving training method

The Driving training in Steps (RIS) is a successful teaching method with a very high success rate. If you choose for this modern driving training, you will be better prepared to participate in traffic! With the driving training in Steps you learn in steps. That means you go one step further if you have mastered the previous step sufficiently. Your final step is that you can plan and drive your route safe, fluent and independently. At the last stage your driving instructor will play the role of the examinor in order to prepare you for the Car practical test.

Driving lessons are tailor-made to suit your individual requirements. A learner may take several driving lessons per week, a driving lesson can last 60, 90 or 120 minutes depending on the lesson topic. We keeps up the progress with a learner’s progress chart so a learners can also see their progress.  The fully-qualified instructor will make your learning experience comfortable and free of stress.

Refresher course

A practical training for those who already have their driver’s license but want to improve their skills and drive more safely.

How many driving lessons do i need?

Normally a beginner needs around 40 driving lessons to get to the level which is required by CBR. However some need less or more depending on their personal:

  • driving skills

  • motivation

  • traffic awareness