Professional and patient driving instructor will help you to pass your driving test

Patient instructor will help you with correct advice and flexible teaching styles to ensure you feel at ease throughout the learning process whilst giving you the skills you need to pass your driving test with confidence, enjoy driving and to be safe on the roads in the future.

Improve your driving skills and get confident on the roads

You will be trained to deal with a different type of roads and traffic situations. The course will improve your awareness and knowledge of hazards and help you learn how to anticipate, plan for and deal with them safely.

If you are afraid of driving on your own, our driving course is a great stepping stone to independent driving. You will receive personal guidance from the qualified and RIS-certified driving instructor.

We take all types of students from complete beginners to those already with some driving experience. By placing your driving ambitions in our hands, you are ensuring a better chance of early success and a high degree of driving skills, which will help to secure many years of safe driving. Also our RIS method will give you more chance to succeed and a first-time pass.

During an interview meeting, which can take place at your home, together we will discuss all the important facts such as the teaching method and  how many driving lessons you might need to pass the CBR practical Test. The lessons are tailor made and at a pace that suits you the best! The driving instructor ensures that your driving training proceeds comfortable and free of  stress.

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