The path that you should go through for  the  driver’s License B

1- Passing the CBR  Theory Test B

2- Filling the health statement ( and paying for it , via cbr website )

3- Pasing the CBR  Practical Test B

1- Passing the Theory test, You can do this first step all by yourself:

  • Study the theory by purchasing a B theory book or an online package for B license depending on your preferrences
  • Practise the cbr  Theory test
  •  Book a cbr  Theory Test  B in english by logging into cbr website using your Digid (€ 38,-)

3- Passing the practical test; find a driving school

The practical test and booking it should go through a driving school. Normally a candidate needs 37-45 lessons ( 5 to 25 weeks) to get to the level which is required by CBR.

However some need less or more depending on their personal:

  • driving skills
  • motivation
  • traffic awareness

Are you planning to get your driver’s  license ?

From the age of  16.5 years  you may start your driving lessons and from age of 17  it is possible to take the practical test.

During an interview meeting, which can take place at your home, together we will discuss all the important facts such as the teaching method and  how many lessons you might need to pass the CBR practical Test. The lessons are tailor made and at a pace that suits you the best! The driving instructor ensures that your driving training proceeds comfortable and stress less.

You will receive personal guidance from the qualified and RIS-certified driving instructor.

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